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The Junior Category is aimed at young modellers and people willing to learn the basics of scale modelling. Those boxes include a set of brush, glue and paint.

  • The conception and production sites of the Airbus company fruit of a co-operation between different European companies who gradually joined forces from 1970 onwards are grouped together in four subsidiaries: Airbus France, Airbus Germany, Airbus Spain and Airbus United Kingdom.

  • The construction of the cruise was discontinued for many years and the model represented in its original condition, was taken in 1951 after changes in the plans to make an anti-aircraft cruiser.

  • Designed specifically for the safe protection of Clemenceau and Foch aircraft carrier, frigates Suffren and Duquesne were the first 100% French warships antiaircraft missile design. They were also outfitted for anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare and could provide additional firepower for ground targets. Laid down in Lorient in December 1962.

  • "The Super Mystère B2" (SMB2) is a  development of the Super-Mystère B1, Prototypes were porwered by the Snecna Atar 101G jet engine. The first model took off on May 5, 1956 from Melun-Villaroche airfield , piloted  by Gerard Muselli. The SMB2 went into production as a remplacement for Mystery IVB.

  • "Alouette III", with its increased capabilities, offers a welcome versatility in the military and civilian sector. Used by more than 70 countries, for about a hundred different uses

  • The "Drakkar Oseberg" is a faithful reproduction of the Oseberg ship discovered in 1904. The Drakkar Oseberg reproduces in detail the ship model as it has been restored.

  • Heavy ships were used to watch and defend the coast of France during the rule of Richelieu. Isaac De Launay Razilly thought that these ships were too heavy and submittedto Richelieu that idea of replacing them by small ships called "Dragon" or "Hirondelle" and arming them with heavy guns.

  • The first launch of Ariane IV in 1988 opened a new page of history begun fifteen years earlier.

  • Developed in 1953 by aircraft SNCASE company (National Society for Aeronautical Engineering Southeast will become Sud Aviation and Aerospace), "Caravelle" is the first civilian airliner with two jet engines. Indeed, following a request from the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) which is responsible for...

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