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Mirage F1

Decorations provided:
- N°518, 30-SR, EC (escadron de chasse) 1/30 Alsace,
décoration spéciale pour les 65 ans de l‘escadron,
BA (Base aérienne) 132 de Colmar-Meyenheim, Juin 2006
- N°518, 30-SR, EC 1/30 Alsace, BA 132 de Colmar-Meyenheim, 2006

The two-seat version of the Mirage F1C, the Mirage F1B, started for the fi rst time on May 26,
1976 from the Istres circuit. The French version of the Mirage F1BK was originally developed at
Kuwait‘s request and the Mirage F1B was put into service for Armée de l‘Air in April 1981, within
the 5th fi ghter squadron at Orange Air Base 115, more specifi cally the 3/5 „Comtat -Venaissin
„fi ghter squadron. In the entire history of the Mirage F1 in France, the Mirage F1B had the longest
career: 1980 - 2014.


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