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PILATUS PC-6 B2/H2 Turbo Porter

Decorations provided:
- PILATUS PC-6/B2-H2M Turbo Porter, F-GFUM,
S/N 740, Ecole de Parachutisme Sportif de la Moselle,
Doncourt-lès-Confl ans, France, été 2020

- PILATUS PC 6 B2/H2-H4 Turbo Porter, V-635, S/N 761,
7ème Escadron de transport, Forces aériennes suisses,
Emmen, 2020

On May 2, 1961, the Pilatus PC-6A Turbo Porter fi rst fl ew with a Turbomeca Astazou 520 HP
engine. It is further improved by installing a new turbo-shaft engine, the PT6A Pratt & Whitney
Canada with 550 PS, which creates the PC-6B version. With almost 600 aircraft built in six
decades, Pilatus ceased production in 2019, again proving that a machine with a simple and
durable design can survive many of its more sophisticated and advanced counterparts.

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