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The Building 180 Blohm &amp, Voss in Hamburg was a four-masted barque of 3020BRT and port 4425 t. built on behalf of the owner F.Laeisz, Hamburg, whose firm became famous around the world as the "Flying P Line." This proud building became the 51st of the fleet which the names of all the units, with some exceptions departure, beginning with P, and chosed the nickname "flying P" thanks to its force speed. The Pamir was paid about 850,000 gold marks in 1905 and sailed in his time with a crew of 33 men. After the World War I, the Pamir sailed under foreign flags and during the Second, in Australian colors he was saved by the command of a Japanese submarine. At the end of its 40th year, the Passat was bought by a company of Dutch demolition and destiny seemed settled. But as to this "time the German merchant navy resumed walking, an owner took the initiative to reactivate the two ships on Plata to form youth.FEATURES
Length of the stem to stern: 96.3 m
Width: 14 m
Moulded depth: 7.9 m
Sail area: 3600m ²

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Model Kits Starter Kit Plastic Shipping Sailing Ship Germany Civil 20th Century

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