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Started it service in March 1945, the Colossus will be only a short time in the ranks of the Royal Navy, he was transferred to the Navy in 1946 involved. Renamed Arromanches, it will be permanently acquired by France in 1951. Its first years in the Royal Wing will evolve and serve as material transport between France and Indochina, its use as an operational aircraft carrier is not authorized by Great Britain, because of it membership in the Royal Navy. It final purchase having raised this obstacle, the early fifties seen particularly active off the coast of Indochina, then its air group equipped with Grumman F6F Hellcat and SB2C Helldivers performing many missions for the benefit of ground troops. The war ended, its reborn was on  Mediterranean, and after two years of practice, finds itself quickly engaged with the Royal Navy in the operation Franco-British Suez in November 1956. Over the years, the building begins to suffer obsolescence, so in 1958 some modernization was made, especially with the addition of a forward track and the final elimination of all weapons. The fleet also gradually changing the propeller aircraft giving way to more modern machines such as the Breguet Alizé for anti-submarine warfare, or CM 175 Fouga Zephyr for training young drivers. It is definitely decommissioned in 1974 after more than thirty-three years of service and demolished in Toulon in 1978.FEATURES
     Crew: 1200 men (Colossus, 1945) / 950 men (Arromanches 1953)
     Displacement: 18,517 tons full load
     Length of flight deck: 210.31 m
     Maximum speed: 23.7 knots

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