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The F-1 8 Honet: a twin engine single seater fighter plane is mass-produced for the Navy and Marines of the United states ans Canada, Australia and Spain. With a capacity of Mach 1.8, that is almost twice the speed  of sound, it replaced the F-4 Phantom and the Corsair A-7. The Hornet  made its first flight on 18th November 1978. It was designed for interception and attack missions. Besides extensive use of a graphite/epaxy compound to reduce its weight, the aircraft has an arrester hook and folding wings.To increase manoeuvrability, the Hornet's wings have large directional wing flaps and plates in the wing base which can deployed alongside the fuselage.

length 17.07 m
Wing span 11.43 m
Height 4.66 m
Engine2 General Electric F '(04-GE-400s of7255 kgp
Maximum speed Mach 1.8
Practical Ceiling 15 300 m

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