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In 1947 K.L.M. got the Lockheed L-49 Constellation as the first European airline. Shortly afterwards, the L-749 was introduced. K.L.M. has operated a total of 26 Lockheed L-49 / L-749 aircraft. They mainly flew long haul routes to North America, the Caribbean, the Far East and Australia! In 1950 the L-749 aircraft, which were delivered in 1947/48, were converted into L-749A aircraft with a different exhaust system and landing gear. Due to the other exhaust system, the speed was slightly increased, namely by 8 -16 km per hour. After the introduction of the DC8 in 1960, the 10 Constellations that were then left were withdrawn from service. Five of them were sold for scrapping in 1962/63 and the rest were passed on to new owners. The PH-TDK „Amsterdam“ was delivered to the K.L.M. on November 8, 1948. On March 3, 1954 she was re-registered, now as PH LDK. On November 8, 1958, the „Amsterdam“ was taken out of service and eventually went to scrapyard on June 25, 1963.


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