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The Swedish company SCANIA has been developing and manufacturing trucks since 1903. Vehicles and engines are developed and manufactured in the main plant in Södertälje. The Scania LB 141 dates from 1977 and was manufactured for the road transport of goods over long distances. It quickly became a street celebrity in the 1970s to 1980s alongside the Volvo F88 / F89 heavy duty truck. The LB series, produced from 1969 to 1980, comprised three vehicle types: LB 81, LB 111, LB 141. These trucks quickly established themselves thanks to the power of 375 hp from their V8 engines with turbochargers and transmissions with a wide range of applications. The trucks were also built in Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and Iraq. The Scania LB 141 tractor unit was used in connection with a semi-trailer all over the world. Special emphasis was placed on a spacious, well-lit and comfortable driver‘s cab, which was equipped with a bunk.


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