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STARTER KIT Goods Trailer

Included Cement · Brush · Main paints

A transport trailer is used in many sectors. The robust construction makes it irreplaceable for transporting garden tools, building materials, furniture and other items. Hobby gardeners, do-it-yourselfers, tradesmen, farmers and many other sectors always have something to transport, whether it‘s timber, paving stones, hedge or lawn cuttings, tools or machinery. The trailer can be towed by most cars, small transporters and tractors, making it ideal for everyday use. The load can be secured with ropes or straps using the lashing hooks on the sides. Matching side walls and a tailgate turn the trailer into a reliable helper in no time at all. For transporting bicycles, motorbikes and scooters, ramps and bike racks as well as a cable winch make loading easy.

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Because it's important to us!

At Heller, we are constantly working to produce our products as sustainable as possible. In recent years, we have therefore taken many measures to increase resource efficiency as much as possible.

Recycled plastic

Since 2023, we have been producing all Heller model kits with recycled plastic. This gives existing plastic a new life in a great kit while maintaining the same quality.

No bags and film

Instead of packing our sprues in plastic bags, we use tissue paper to transport all components in a clean, protected and environmentally friendly way. Thanks to our seal closure, we do not need shrink film. This also significantly increases the recyclability of our packaging.

Oldies but Goldies

We are proud of our large archive of injection moulds. That is why we rework, repair and improve existing moulds instead of throwing them away. Great models are preserved and at the same time a lot of energy and material is saved. That's why we proudly display the year of manufacture of our moulds and the year of the last general overhaul clearly on every product box.

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