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Trial bike as well equipped as it is finished, the 125 TY YAMAHA was designed in broad outline by former trial champion Mick ANDREWS. Its geometrical frame and the use of special alloys in the production of certain parts made it extremely handy. Its very flexible engine equipped with a well-staged six-speed gearbox and very good suspension allowed it to drive in the city. HELLER offers you the type 1K6, which appeared in 1976, with a larger silencer than that of the initial model type 541, and satin black engine casings instead of polished aluminum.


Because it's important to us!

At Heller, we are constantly working to produce our products as sustainable as possible. In recent years, we have therefore taken many measures to increase resource efficiency as much as possible.

Recycled plastic

Since 2023, we have been producing all Heller model kits with recycled plastic. This gives existing plastic a new life in a great kit while maintaining the same quality.

No bags and film

Instead of packing our sprues in plastic bags, we use tissue paper to transport all components in a clean, protected and environmentally friendly way. Thanks to our seal closure, we do not need shrink film. This also significantly increases the recyclability of our packaging.

Oldies but Goldies

We are proud of our large archive of injection moulds. That is why we rework, repair and improve existing moulds instead of throwing them away. Great models are preserved and at the same time a lot of energy and material is saved. That's why we proudly display the year of manufacture of our moulds and the year of the last general overhaul clearly on every product box.

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