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The first jet fighter to be designed by Marcel DASSAULT Aircraft, was also the first French jet fighter to be mass-produced. We owe the conception and design of the MD450 to the engineers DEPLANT, CABRIERE and ROUAULT. The prototype made its maiden flight on February 23rd 1949. The first production model took to the air on December 5th 1951. A total of 350 Ouragans were built, with the French Air Force keeping 175 machines, the others being delivered to Israel and India. Salvadorian Air Force bought 18 Ouragans from Israel.  
Length: 10,74 m
Wing-span with fuel-tank: 13,39 m
Height: 4,14 m
Engine: 1 Hispano Suiza NENE 104 of 2270 kgp
Maximum weight: 8800 kg
The Operational ceiling: 13000 m

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