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A small sailing boat, the Sinagot takes its name from the small French port of Séné, near Vannes, in the gulf of Morbihan. From Vannes to the Bay of Quiberon, from Belle-Île to the Vilaine river, this boat was used all year round for coastal fishing, oyster fishing in the river Pénerf, in particular, and some coastal shipping until the start of the XXth century. Often in summer, fishermen and their families lived on board. The Sinagot is a decked rowboat with a shallow draft of 1.5m, a length of about 10 meters, and a beam of little more than 3 meters. Very sturdy at the pointed stern, it  arries two self-supported masts made of a single piece, the foresail at the front and the main mast, which is larger, at the back. Two sails are rigged to a very high third and, occasionally, to a removable boom, jib or "studding sail". Remarkably suited to the sea, it runs quickly in the wind and can beach anywhere. It is recognizable from a distance thank to his 'junk' appearance and its ochre red sails , a colour that comes from a mixture of tallow and crushed bark, used traditionally to tan them. The colour of the sails varied from region to region and even from one port to another. The hull was always covered with a black tar coating (Coaltar). The Sinagot started being motorised in only 1947. The only original Sinagot still in existence is "Les Trois Frères" (The Three Brothers), built in 1943 and classed as an historic monument in 1985. Several Sinagots have been built (or rebuilt) recently:The "Crialeïs" from the l'Île aux Moines, a replica of "Jouet des flots" (Toy of the waves).The "Mab Er Guip" from the l'île de Berder, a replica of "Vainqueur des Jaloux" (Conqueror of the jealous).The "Jean et Jeanne" of Séné.The "Souvenir" in Douarnenez."Ma Préférée" (My Favourite) in La Trinité-sur-Mer.The "Joli Vent" (Pretty Wind) in Séné.Total length 9,40m Width 3 m

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