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3 decal versions included:
FRANCE: Avenir, 1965
ITALIA: Espresso Corinto, 1976
EMIRATES: Shahrazad, 1984

At the beginning of 1965, the Compagnie de Navigation Mixte, based in Marseille placed an order with Forges et Chantiers de la
Méditerranée, in La Seyne-sur-Mer, for a car ferry. This was to be its first car ferry and the last ship ordered by the company. Laid up
on 4 November 1965, the AVENIR was launched on 21 June 1966 and delivered to the „Mixte“ on 25 March 1967. Let‘s go back to the
terms of her official presentation in 1967: „Designed today for the tourism of tomorrow, the Avenir is an authentic luxury liner with all the
refinements of comfort. But it is also a car ferry: the modern traveller, who is no longer separated from his car, will board it directly.“ Fully
air-conditioned and designed to carry 918 passengers (376 in cabin class, 364 seated and 178 in dormitories), it can take 130 vehicles that
access the ship either through a 2.60 metre high ramp door at the stern or through six side doors (110 in the „garage“ and 20 in the hold).
Cabin class passengers have at their disposal a dining room with 200 seats, two lounges, one of which has a dance floor, a lido bar with
swimming pool, a shop and a “Telecinema”. Economy class passengers enjoy a bar and brasserie with “Telecinema“. The inaugural cruise of
the AVENIR, to the Balearics and Tunis, takes place from 14 to 17 April. On 18 April, she makes her first commercial voyage from Marseille
to Tunis.

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