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RENAULT Estafette New Mould

New Tool

• 2 IN 1: Year of construction 1964 or 1973
• Doors can be shown open/closed
• Tailgate can be shown open/closed
• Engine replic

YouTube Video - First Look:
Renault Estafette Gendarmerie:

It is often assumed that the Renault 4 (ref. Heller 80759),
launched in 1961, was Renault‘s first front-wheel drive car.
This is not the case. It was the Renault Estafette utility
vehicle of 1959. The French competitors at that time were
the Peugeot D3A/D4B and the Citroën Type H (ref. Heller
80768). The Estafette was based on the Citroën‘s frontwheel
drive system, which thus offered a large, flat load floor,
four independent wheel suspensions, a sliding side door and
a three-wing rear door.


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