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The chassis is made up of two I-shaped section scalable steel side rails assembled by means of mechanised welding. The inner part of the platform body is made up of spaced and offset continuous crossmembers to enable the embedment of a floor comprised of insulating foam, wood and polyester. The body is comprised of sandwich panels, with a stainless steel interior, a lacquered steel exterior, between which is trapped a layer of insulating foam. The useful volume for this body under this design is 64 m3 for a total weight of 9.5 tonnes.
An insulated semi-trailer without a refrigeration unit is called an insulated trailer. When equipped with a refrigeration unit,   it is referred to as refrigerator trailer. For an average outdoor temperature of +30°C, the power of the group must enable a lowering of the temperature within the empty box that may be maintained indefinitely.
Two basic classes are identified. In a "CLASS A" trailer, the temperature may be set between + 12°C and O°C inclusively, for the transport of fresh products. In a "CLASS C" trailer, the temperature may be set between + 12°C and -20°C inclusively, for frozen and quick frozen products.

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