AMTUIR, Association for Interurban and Rural Urban Transport evokes Heller in his review of Spring 2018

The museum's collection of this association contains more than 150 vehicles: trams, horse buses, buses, coaches, trolleybuses, all means of public transport are represented.

The museum is open to the public every third Saturday from March to October 2018 from 10 am to 6 pm.
1 rue Gabrielle de Mortillet
77500 Chelles - France
Group visit all year round by reservation.


At Heller, the legacy story Remember it was in 1982 that TN6 C2 comes out at scale 1 / 24th to climb. Already AMTUIR has made available to miniature manufacturers its historic buses. Heller will copy our TN 6 and will ignore the reality of the line number. This will not bother anyone, customers will not make any comments. This model of miniature will survive the procrastination of the company and revived among the "merchants toys" yet few today and announces its redeployment within the company MAPED. (Https:// Our members will look at some clever transformations. (We will show them soon).

Legacy manipulators His name is Pierre GUIBELLINI. It was in 1955 that this adjuster became head of injection molds workshop at Heller, we see him here during open days at the press specialized in the Trun plant in the Orne, May 25 and 26 1973. Passionate about his past career of moulist and his precious tricks of hands, at 75, he is now retired, he realizes in resin of his composition, gracefully for the AMTUIR, copies of manipulators of the tramway of Versailles. Let's make this discovery together. "