Heller Company

The Heller Joustra company was born from merging of Joustra withHeller.
More than 50 years after its foundation in 1957 and the launch of its first model, and now thanks to its 300 references, the company is well known for its tradition of models manufactured in France.

Since its creation, Heller has produced over 1500 moulds provided the components necessary to build the numerous subjects of its collection:  yachts, military ships, cars and racing, aircraft, motorcycles and military vehicles.

From the Traction, the Eiffel Tower, to the Concorde, the Mirage 2000 or the Soleil Royal, Heller offers hundred of high quality models to build and paint high quality in different scales and intended for designers of all levels.

Wih the CADET range, the Junior category is intended for young modellers.It aims at people who want to learn the basics of modelling. Teh smallnumber of part makes building easier,without leaving details aside. The boxes also includes brush, cement and paint.

The Set Paints range offers a wide selection of models with various sizes. A cement, paint and brush are included.

The Classic range is more focused on the modelers whoe have already got all the accessories needed to assemble and decorate thier models. More then 165 references are now available in 2012.

The Upgrade collection is designed for the most demanding modelers who wish to represent the finest details thanks to photo-etched parts and resin included in the boxes.

Proud of its origins, Heller is still making its models on its production site built in 1963 creation of the factory in Trun near Argentan in Normandy, in the department of Orne (61).

1958 First collaboration with the army.

1960 First exports in Europe and the United States.

1962 New Collection in scale 1/100, and over one million items sold.

1963 Trun-based factory built. Injection and packaging workshop start operating.

1969 Agreement with the Soviets to make five moulds.

1974 Heller adds to its collection the "Soleil Royal", Louis XVI's navy's flagship. With no fewer than 2,300 parts, it is Heller's most prestigious product.

1977 The 1/8th scale Citroën Traction 15 CV is released.. This model is one of the most detailed because it was completely dismantled for the occasion.

1977 Expansion in Scandinavia.

1984 Heller produces over 300 items by injecting more than 70,000 clusters daily.

1993 Heller launches the “Set Paints” range and the “CLASSIC” ranges.

1995 Heller’s products are selling in 56 countries.

2006 Collaboration with Airbus in order to sell the A380 1/125th mould.

2010 The new “UPGRADE” range with «incorporating photo blanks” and resin is created.

2011 Sale of the Citroën C4 WRC '10 in 1/24 scale and the Citroën C4 WRC '10 in 1/43 scale.

2012 Creation of VBCI "Afghanistan" as well as the Citroen DS 3 WRC'12 Set Paints and Classic in 1/24th.

2013 Heller strengthen its visual identity with new boxes. Some pencil are added to its modernization. Figures and a new tooling are also released this year, thus Heller adds to its collection a new scale Sherman model.

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