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The GMC’s, coming out of boats and driving on the beaches during the Normandy Landings will always remain the symbolic image of the Liberation, since an army on campaign cannot exist without means of transport and logistics. Over 800 000 units of the GMC were manufactured, a 2,5 ton 6x6 covered truck, which was to the truck what the jeep was to the small car. The two main models were the CCKW-352, known as “short chassis” and the CCKW-353, known as “long chassis”, the latter being the object of the present scale model. The vehicle -so particular in shape- was seen on all the theatres of operations. This vehicle was appreciated throughout the world thanks to its legendary sturdiness and power, which enabled it to carry out its mission in the worst conditions. The GMC was used well after WW II both in the army and in civilian life.



  • Curb weight ready for use: 4 830 kg.
  • Theoretical pay load: 2 470 kg (could actually be doubled…).
  • Engine: 270 standard GMC – gasoline engine, straight six, 4.4 liters.
  • Cruising range: 385 km.
  • Overall length including winch: 6.93 m.
  • Width: 2.24 m.
  • Wheelbase: 4.17 m.
  • Height when not covered: 2.22 m; with canopy: 2.80 m.
  • Power: 104 HP when at maximum revving.
  • Speed: 44 mph.
  • Average fuel consumption for 100 km: 38 l.
Nombre de pieces 389
Longueur maquette 19.6
Largeur maquette 6.4
Largeur boite 37
Hauteur boite 25
Profondeur boite 7
Contenu - Maquette - 2 planches de décalcomanie - Plan de montage
Echelle 1/35
Age 14 ans
Difficulté Avancé

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